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James E. Thomas III, Founder and President
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The “Secret Sauce” Career Coach

 The Transition Coaching approach was developed by Mr. Thomas to assist professionals in transition and professionals wanting to achieve their career goals. Mr. Thomas has been a human resources executive for over 30 years with notable, high profile companies. He has personally coached hundreds of professionals. The transition coaching process is enhanced by the key ‘Secret Sauce” formula competencies/skills that can have a direct bearing on how successful you are going to be in achieving your goals or getting that next job. 


Are You Ready?--Personal Career Coaching sessions for clients who need support getting on track. Obtaining that next job requires the ability to compete successfully. In addition, you need the tools, resources, and strategy to achieve your goal. However, knowing what to do with the tools is most important. Let us help you.

Have A Coach?--Having a successful career or job search requires a belief and commitment to your plan to obtain what you want. Having a coach who understands the transition process and who has experienced transition themselves can make the difference in achieving your career goals or having a more successful career. Many successful professionals have a coach. Trust me, you are competing for that next job against many. What will distinguish you from the competition?

What is Your Plan?--Too many professionals have not developed a plan to keep them on track. If you do not have a Career Marketing Plan aligned with what you imagine to be the direction for your success that next job or career goal may take longer than you would like to achieve. The "secret sauce" coaching process provides all the resources and support you need to have a better chance at achieving your goal of getting that next job or career goal. Contact us if you need support. We want you to be successful.

J.E. Thomas and Associates



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