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Inside the Mind of the Hiring Manager

As a career coach I have given dozens of presentations on what people in transition need to do to better prepare themselves for interviewing to get that next job. However, I wanted to delve further into the reasons why hiring managers were not making offers to highly skilled and experienced candidates. Now, after interviewing dozens of hiring managers and recruiters, I confirmed that there were other issues affecting the hiring decision. Managers were sharing what they hated about what candidates did during the interview which stopped them from making offers. Yes–they were using the word "hate", which obviously turned them off from extending and offer. It was so profound and aligned with the many discussions I was having about how doubt, stress, and desperation made some of my clients act, that I wanted to share what I had discovered. I have given many presentations since June on the topic, Inside the Mind of the Hiring Manager. I continue to be contacted to give this presentation to people in transition and the audience continues to get larger. It is obvious to me after each presentation that there are many who had not given much thought to the issues I addressed. However, I have been swamped after each session with attendees thanking me for sharing this insightful information. It has provided them with the opportunity to correct their behavior before the next interview.

The challenge many interviewees have is that if they are not provided an offer, rarely are they given the actual reason why, even when they ask for feedback. So, in order to get what I have discovered more widely known, I will be planning to give more presentations. If interested, send me an email and I would be pleased to schedule a presentation for your group.

I wish you all the best and stay positive.

James E. Thomas III

Founder and President J.E. Thomas and Associates

Fairfax, VA

No Job? What is Keeping You From Getting an Offer?

There are over 20 million people unemployed in this country. That number continues to change up or down depending on which agency is providing the report. However, what is of concern is the large number of people who are qualified for a position and cannot get through the interview process and get offered a job. Whether they are in their 30s, 40s, 50s, or 60s, the response for many is still the same — no offer given. I would ask that you take 7 minutes out of your day or night and see the attached video. It represents only a small portion of a full presentation of the Transition Road Map. However, it will give you insights into some of the challenges being faced and some of the reasons why these challenges must be understood and addressed. Enjoy.


Jim Thomas

Author, Career Coach, and HR Consultant

I have had the pleasure to provide career coaching to hundreds of clients, written a book
on preparing people in transition to get that next job, and giving
presentations on transition and other career direction subjects to thousands of
people. I have come to an interesting epiphany. In the course of developing a
methodology that I use with my clients to assist them in being better than
their competition in getting prepared to obtain that next job, there are key barriers
to achieving success that affects almost everyone who is working and those who
are not. Imagine for a minute that you are attempting to achieve a level of
success and consistently fall short of your target goal. What stands in the way
of your goals being achieved is partially limited by two factors that affect
the outcome.

First, I want to address all the people wanting to get that next job and currently in
transition. What I have determined and realized through coaching my clients is
that at some level they all have doubt about whether their current situation
will get better, and if they will get that next job. It is one of the hardest
issues to overcome. This “Doubt Dead Zone” can stop you in your tracks and
totally shut down your ability to achieve success attaining that next job or
anything else you want. I have also come to realize through coaching my
executive coaching clients and those non-executive clients that there is
another barrier to achieving success for people who are working. If you are
fortunate to have a job during these tough economic times, I am sure you
consider yourself fortunate. However, I suspect you are somewhat comfortable
with the job you have. This “Comfort Dead Zone” you may be in does have an affect
on you moving forward and achieving personal and professional goals beyond your
current situation. Thus, you maintain your static, yet comfortable state. I am
not suggesting that this is or is not a good place to be. However, like
doubt, comfort can keep you from moving forward and achieving further success,
whether it is personal or professional. Both these factors place you in a sort
of “Success Dead Zone”. In order to move forward and achieve further goals and
higher levels of success you must move away from those factors that can cause
you to loose your focus on your goals and success.

Knowing that you are in these Success Dead Zones and doing something that moves you
forward and out of these zones is another matter. In order to achieve further
growth and success you need to have a belief that
success is realistically attainable. Once you have this belief you must commit
yourself to setting goals and developing a plan to start your journey toward
what you want to achieve. It would be helpful to have a career or life coach to provide advice
and counsel to you along the way. Unfortunately, most people try to figure it
out on their own and get discouraged when things do not work out. I realized
after seeing clients discouraged about their previous progress that perhaps an
analogy would help. The analogy, which came to me, was this–it was much easier
when taking a road trip by car to achieve my destination if I used my GPS and
trusted that its goal was the same as mine. Seems this analogy can apply to
achieving personal and professional success journeys as well. Having a trusted
resource with the experience and skills to provide good guidance and support
can be invaluable.

Many people are trying to determine how best to maneuver through these tough economic times
without a GPS or any resource other than their prior experiences or the help of
a few close friends and family. While this approach may achieve getting you on track over time,
do you have the extra time to attain your goals?

James E. Thomas III is an Author, Career Coach, and HR Consultant. He is Founder and President of J. E. Thomas
and Associates 

J.E. Thomas and Associates



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