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Want That Job? What You Need To Know Right Now!

“The Transition Road Map to A More Successful Life"

Authored by Mr. James E. Thomas III

This book was written primarily as a resource for people who are in transition. As a career coach, Mr. Thomas developed the "secret sauce" methodology to enhance his client's chances of getting that next job. Now, after successfully applying this resource to hundreds of people, he is sharing this process with many more. Like any competitive situation, your chances for obtaining that next job will improve if you understand and execute effectively all the rules. In the highly competitive job market, having the ability to distinguish yourself is key. This book provides the path for a successful journey.


“With over 25 years experience helping thousands of people build or rebuild their careers, often from a point of unemployment, I believe that Jim Thomas has written one of the more practical books on taking control of your career.  This book can change your life!

Jim and I met a number of years ago when he was the CHRO for a very large organization.  The one thing I noticed was his passion for his work and I have found that same passion on every page.  It is a must read!”

Paul Sniffin, President & Managing Partner

CPI/New Options Group

J.E. Thomas and Associates



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