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The Transition Road Map
The "
Secret Sauce" to Getting the Job You Want

Transition Road Map presentation was developed by Mr. Thomas to provide an insightful resource primarily for people in transition. The message and the approach gives an interesting look into the key ‘Secret Sauce” competencies that have a direct bearing on how successful your job search can be. It also provides other key factors that have a direct impact on how successful you will be in your job search and in life.

This presentation was not developed to provide an Out-placement approach to job search. Rather, it is an “In”- Placement approach to assist in distinguishing you in transition for the very competitive and dynamic search environment that exists now and will for a long time. This resource rich and motivational presentation has been seen by thousands of job seekers. There has been very positive feedback about its content.


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Some candidates are not getting offers because of the mistakes they make during the interview process. However, too many do not have any idea what they are doing wrong.  Nor will the hiring manager or recruiter tell them. So, what do you do?

Mr. Thomas has extensive experience in human resources. He has personally spoken with dozens of hiring managers and recruiters about what candidates are doing to derail themselves during the phone or face-to-face interview.  All the candidates were qualified for the position they wanted but exhibited fatal flaws.  During this dynamic and focused presentation, Mr. Thomas shares what he has discovered.  If you have been interviewing, but not getting offers, you should definitely hear this important presentation.  You should learn what Mr. Thomas has to share before going to another interview. Mr. Thomas continues to be invited to present this presentation at the Virginia Employment Commission offices in Alexandria and Woodbridge. Contact either office if you would like to attend this FREE presentation. He has also provided this presentation to other groups when requested.

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Transitioning from College to the World of Work

"Secret Sauce" for the College Graduate

vWhat it really takes to transition into the world of full time work?
vYou got the interview, now how do you get the offer?
vHow do you distinguish yourself from hundreds/thousands of other candidates?
vWhat are you doing right, wrong and what can you do better? 

Presented at:
American University
Washington, DC

Highpoint University
Highpoint, NC

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