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The Transition Road Map
The "
Secret Sauce" for Job Seekers to Achieve Their Goal
and More

Transition Road Map presentation was designed by Mr. Thomas to provide an insightful resource for professionals in transition. To date, over 3000 professionals have attended this presentation.The message and the approach gives an interesting look into the key ‘Secret Sauce” competencies which have a direct bearing on how successful your job search will be. It also provides other key success factors that you control which have a direct impact on how successful you will be in your job search and more.

This presentation was developed to provide job seekers with the rules they need to support their ability to compete more successfully for the job they want. This resource rich and motivational presentation has been seen by over 3000 job seekers. There has been very positive feedback about its content. 

The presentation is currently provided monthly at the Virginia Employment Commission offices in Alexandria and Woodbridge. The presentations are FREE and fill up quickly. If interested in attending, please contact either office at the beginning of the month.


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