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I sought Jim's services after a plethora of career coaches, transition assistants, and other specialists had been unable to guide me through a very tumultuous career transition -- because his reputation proceeded him as being "the best of the best" at what he did.

His services dwarfed his impeccable reputation. I was seriously in a seemingly hopeless situation when I met him. One session with him put me squarely back on the path of success with a clear vision and defined goals at the focal point of my mind. He instilled in me a newfound sense of confidence that's continued to last, and several messages that penetrated my core to the point that they perpetually motivate me.

One session with Jim helped me to take control of my career again. Together we set goals after he taught me what it would take to get to where I wanted to be, and how to get there. He could see clearly where my hurdles were and his guidance empowered me to leap over them.

My transition before I met Jim was a nightmare, but he made it seamless.
After following the path he set out for me, I now have people constantly approaching me with opportunity. I recommend him without hesitation.

Michael Bassett
Media Analyst

Obtaining your service was one of the best investments I have gifted to myself.  Your unique philosophical approach, one of open mindedness and more importantly your clear and unwavering passion to go deeper and further than other coaches, by doing it on an individual basis, uncovering core strengths, and to then align it with that individual's passions.  This is what your coaching/mentorship has meant and have done for me.  So THANK YOU for that!

I too look forward to staying in touch.  You have returned another beached Dolphin into the deep rich ocean after arming him with just the right tools to once again turning him into an "OLYMPIAN" and not just an ordinary swimmer!

Real Estate Professional,

"Jim Thomas is an exceptional coach.  During my transition his candid guidance and tireless support changed my life.  Through his educational/coaching sessions, the articles that he shared, and contacts that he facilitated, he helped me to focus my energy, thoughts and actions on not just finding a job, but on living a satisfying, meaningful and purposeful life.  I am grateful that he shared his knowledge with me.   The life lessons that I learned working with him will continue to mold and shape me as I strive to, in the thoughts of Henry David Thoreau, go confidently in the direction of my dreams and live the life that I’ve imagined." 

Rhonda Mower, HR Senior Director
Volunteers of America

"Jim Thomas is the complete package and one of the most positive people you will ever meet. No one tells you in university “sometimes in life you’re going to lose a job and here’s what you’re going to have to go through in the transition to get to the next job.” But Jim helps you see that you’re not lost, that there is indeed a road map and what’s more, you’re holding the map. The candid discussion in his book and talks are insightful because they reflect him as a person: innovative, genuine, caring for and about many people. His flexible approach and gracious manner are unique. It’s a pleasure to work with Jim and to have gotten to know this author and remarkable person. Let him help you and your team with your transition."

Giovanni Cappelletti, Assistant Director
40 Plus Greater Washington, DC Chapter

“Job transitions have become more important – and more frequent than ever before.  Jim’s book provides a wonderful road map that help you charter territory that you have never visited before!  It is a resource to help you get on track.”

Marshall Goldsmith ----  At the 2011 Thinkers 50 Conference (sponsored by Harvard Business Review) in London – Mr. Goldsmith was recognized as the Most Influential Leadership Thinker in the world.  Along with being named the #1 Leadership Thinker, Marshall was listed as the #7 Greatest Business Thinker in the world.

“Jim’s book, The Transition Road Map, captures the key competencies which everyone looking for that next job should know. It is an excellent resource for the unemployed, college seniors and graduate students pursuing their first full time job, or the underemployed who want to make a career or employer change. This book provides a positive and motivational lift to people who have lost direction in getting to that next job or need to recalibrate their personal compass toward positive results. I have known Jim for many years and he has taken his professional experience as a successful human resources executive and consultant to create a sensitive and timely resource.”

Dr. Nido Qubein, President
High Point University
Highpoint, NC

“As an executive search consultant, I have met with many fabulous executives considering the next exciting step in their career – as well as those who are just looking for their next job. The key competencies that The Transition Road Map addresses are essential for anyone preparing to acquire that next assignment. It is to the advantage of all to read this insightful book.”

Gary Roberts, Managing Partner
Cabot, Incorporated
Executive Search Firm

“I have had the honor and the privilege of knowing Jim for many years, both personally and professionally. Jim epitomizes what a top-level executive should be. He combines that rare but optimal combination of subject matter expertise and remarkable leadership skills. His track record of excellence coupled with highly innovative thinking has allowed him to produce a treatise that will have a major impact in people’s lives and careers.”

Hector Velez, Prior Executive Vice President, Strategic Business Development
Hire Strategy

"If there is such a thing as a "people whisperer" - then Jim is it. His light and compass have proven invaluable. He is just plain good at what he does. I was lucky to find him“

Hall Northcott,
Association Management Executive Client

“With over 25 years experience helping thousands of people build or rebuild their careers, often from a point of unemployment, I believe that Jim Thomas has written one of the more practical books on taking control of your career.  This book can change your life!

Jim and I met a number of years ago when he was the CHRO for a very large organization.  The one thing I noticed was his passion for his work and I have found that same passion on every page.  It is a must read!”

Paul Sniffin, President & Managing Partner

CPI/New Options Group

Jim definitely has a gift and I'm here to tell you that (so far) I'm enjoying and learning from his wisdom as shared in his book: "Want that Job? What You Need to Know Right Now!" Meeting him at 40 Plus and then picking his brain while sharing a cup of coffee have helped kick-start my job search & client-building campaign. Thanks!”
John Lesko,CPF
President, John Lesko. Biz

J.E. Thomas and Associates



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